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New Year wishes which we are saying will depend on whom we are directing these wishes at. We often say New Year wishes for persons for strangers. In the period which the new year is preceding, we are saying wishing the people with which we are usually meeting, also to strangers.

We can say: best wishes in the new year! I wish for you the New Year to be better than previous. I wish for you the new year to bring alone the gospel. If the person, for which we are saying New Year wishes is for us well-known, we can say: I wish you so that you fulfil all your New Year plans.

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I wish you so that your wishes for the new year come true. We can tell our family and friends more personal wishes. For example: I wish you so that our relations in the new year are so good like in the previous year. I wish you so that your relations with other persons are next year better. I wish you much love. Side by side weve been there for each other, But also deep within the heart, when we were apart.

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Such a good and strong friendship Let it be forever. No matter what the future may hold, Lets keep our friendship forever. If we are searching for an interesting ideas to New Year wishes, we can use quotations of well-known persons.

Quotations are a good way to New Year sms. New Year quotations concern the often passing time, ways, into which we live. They are inducing us to reflection.

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New Year quotations often motivate us to action. Under their influence we want to change our life on better. At the end of your life you will think for yourself, in what way you could spend every past day. Then however you will not be able to turn back the time. Start so this way living already now! Marcus Aurelius. I do not think we are the same person all our lives. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties. The new year is a time, when many of us are doing order in their life. At that time much we are planning.

The new year is for many people a time, when they are thinking decisions of different kind up. Many persons want to spend the New Year better than previous. The end of the year is magic border, when we think that everything is possible, everything is only before us. Since many persons are doing plans of different kind, New Year wishes can refer to these plans. Inventing wishes is simply, when we know what decisions our family and friends have. Happy New Year. May the New Year bring to you warmth of love, and a light to guide your path towards a positive destination. Well, here it is!

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View product. Leather Binder Jan-Dec This year's leather binder is rose gold. It comes with Jan-Dec inserts. The Day Happiness Planner. The Day Happiness Planner gradient.

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The Day Happiness Planner classic. Leather Binders. Leather Binder Jan-Dec Undated Day Inserts 2for1. My Vision Inserts. The Wanderlust Planner An all-in-one travel planner, diary, and journal. Gradient Notebooks. Boxes of Happiness. I love your attention and your caring style for me. Happy New Year my dear Dad. Thanks for being the best father in this world.

You work so hard to fulfill all my dreams. And I give respect to your effort. Happy New Year Thanks for being the best provide, best care taker, best protector and thanks for your great love and affection.

Happy New Year to you my loving Dad. I pray for your good health and more blessings for you in this year and all coming years. Whenever I feel down, you always encouraged me and lift me up. Because of your love and positive attitude I always stand up with new strength and get success in every field of life. Happy New Year Thanks for supporting me all the way and protecting me. Happy New Year Thanks for giving me courage to face all challenges of life.

You always teach me to spread love and affection. I love you dad.

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Happy New Year y dear dad. You always lead me to success and victory. Happy New year. Dad is the most blessed gift of GOD in this world. A father always cares and protects his child in every tough situation. Thanks for everything Dad. I hope that one day I will get courage to tell everything that I have done wrong in my life. I am sorry for all the wrong things. One day I will express all my love and care for you. Happy New Year Dad. I would not be able to speak in polite way and say kind words, if you had not taught me what is affection, kindness and forgiveness.

New Year is the best time to reveal your love and care for your love one. Wishing you a very happy new year. I always see that you are doing hard work for us and try your best to give us a good life with all facilities. Thanks for everything Papa. Now I am a well established business man just because of your struggle and effort. Now I want to give you love and complete rest.

Thanks papa for everything.