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I will not be swayed by stories, Lord Caine. We had hoped your new society would have moved beyond that. Ursla silently flagged Caine and he nodded thinly in reply. Dividing the workload here would help maintain calm… hopefully. She locked eyes with Hastings as the latter looked up, recognizing the slight shift in tactics.

Or perhaps Ursla was trying to communicate something to Hastings…. We have alien allies and enemies near our home — the Kroggs and Larosians. It was her weak faith….

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We will gladly discuss terms for coexistence, but we remain senior here. There would be a fight… and the contest would be difficult. But for all the dogma Caine had attacked, Bingham could quote thousands of verses of scripture which proved the Quest legitimate.

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We want the planet to remain in good order, and habitable. Your Earthers are the lie! Look at your animal beings! You are but scum! We do not exploit and destroy. You hardly seem qualified to judge us. I understand your reluctance to accept this, so allow me to provide proof. Hastings sat up with more interest.

If Caine could really cut the legs out from under the Church, it might mean freedom for the Naval class…. The center of the table darkened and a three dimensional projection glowed into existence. Ursla looked to Caine and tried to determine the state of his self control. Scripture is scripture, and no matter who has it, the meaning remains. With commentary from government officials and Amy Valens herself in the margins. Bingham froze. The Commodore had read it directly.

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  • The rest of the page was like that. The defining verses of Genesis scripture were being edited — they were different than they should have been.

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